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PISSA receives its first vessel in the Port of Altamira

August 25, 2021

DPH Group, through its subsidiaries, is committed to spearhead the development of infrastructure for the global energy industry. Today, more so than ever before, it is imperative that we collectively provide renewables the tools to expand in a push to decarbonize energy production.

We are doing our part. With the development of our PISSA maritime terminal and high-capacity yard, we have the tools at your disposal.

With the support of DPH Cranes and Transportes TPH we successfully loaded eolic elements for export, to the MV CALYPSO. This operation took 21 hours, and we loaded 24 WTG blades with 0 accidents.

This is only the first o many projects where DPH and its subsidiaries will keep adding up to the economic growth to the zone and the State.


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