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Flag rising ceremony for Dredge “Ana Laura”

September 12, 2019

Local Port Authorities, maritime terminals and guests witnessed on September 12 in PISSA Maritime Terminal, a subsidiary from DPH Group in the Port of Altamira, the flag rising ceremony for the Dredge "Ana Laura".

During the event Jorge Fernandez from DPH Group, mentioned that the company has been investing in Altamira for over 30 years, and in the near future the new terminal will be finished, a project that has become a reality with all the received support from the Federal Government.

Honor guest Claudia Sanchez mentioned: "...the start of operations for this dredge is proof of the Group's commitment, to keep participating in great investments, benefiting our Port of Altamira." She also mentioned the role women play in the port sector, saying that "women's empowerment is more than proof that we are evolving as a Sector in a globalized world with competitive tendencies within gender equality" welcoming women to this sector.

Later on, our guest authorities boarded the vessel, where the flag rising ceremony took place. From this point on, Dredge "Ana Laura" is a Mexican vessel and it's protected under Mexican laws.

Through these actions, DPH Group confirms its commitment to the South of Tamaulipas, an industrial zone that require investment and short-term projects that add up to the City and Port's economy.


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