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Fast, effective and safe construction, with DPH Group's precast concrete elements

March 30, 2022

DPH Group is industrializing construction in the North of Mexico with cutting-edge techniques. The newest method uses precast concrete elements to build the main structure of an industrial construction. This system substitutes structural steel often used for columns and beams, allowing a much more efficient project.

These concrete elements include wall panels, columns and delta beams for ceiling structures. This frequently used wall panel allows very short times when closing the building once the main structure is finished, and our column system allows brackets in all directions, compatible with overhead cranes and with high structural capacity. These beams can be used for different purposes, even as a base structure for the ceiling, and DPH can make delta beams that allow wide bays of up to 34m free of columns.

For the logistic and industrial part, the benefits of such wide bays are quite important for the natural flow of an industrial warehouse. When we combine large columns of up to 18m high, with 34m long delta beams and 10m long wall panels we get an ideal structure that can cut logistic management in half, compared to a warehouse with a steel structure. This system allows for a tailor-made project where industrial buildings can be designed in any way and size and it’s especially useful for warehouses that require wide clear bays.

Apart from being faster and cleaner, this system has more advantages. Its fire resistance (higher than steel) leads to a lower insurance premium, it lasts longer, requires little to no maintenance, and doesn't need any additional or special treatment to prevent rust. Each element comes out of the mold ready to be assembled, requiring no treatment after being cured, allowing an industrial execution for an optimal finished product.

Using precast concrete elements for industrial and logistic development saves construction time and maintenance cost, while prolonging the building's lifetime.

Our plant is in Marin, N.L., and we can send our precast concrete elements to any destination in the Country.


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