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DPH Group announces the acquisition of EMMI

January 2, 2019

Last December DPH Group, Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience in construction, transportation, logistics and storage, also dedicated to wind and renewable energy, announced the acquisition of EMMI, company that specializes in development and execution of energy and infrastructure projects.

EMMI adjusts to local contexts, providing efficient and lasting service under the highest safety and quality standards. It offers modern solutions for energy, infrastructure and electromechanical project development. Experience, quality and strict safety measures guarantee the feasibility of its projects in 4 strategies:

Semi-industrial facilities

Such as corporate buildings, shopping centers.

General infrastructure: toll booths, road lightning or tunnel conditioning.

Industrial facilities

BT & MT facilities, electromechanical facilities for: photovoltaic plants, wind farms, combined cycle power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermoelectric power plants, petrochemical power plants, refineries, water treatment plants or substations.

Infrastructure and construction

Infrastructure innovation; civil works and precast concrete building.

Operation and maintenance

Preventive and corrective integral electrical maintenance, singular facilities and equipment: power plants and industrial plants. Commissioning.

These actions strengthen both companies, promoting industrial growth and innovation in Mexico.


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