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ALPASA-CEBU Logistics Center starts operations

October 7, 2019

With attendance from Altamira's Mayor Mrs Alma Laura Amparán, Mr Pedro Romero Torres as Federal Commissioner in the Northern Border, Mr Salvador Salazar Herrera from AISTAC, Mr Ricardo Casanova Quintanilla from the Cebu Mexican Association and other special guests and clients, ALPASA's CEBU Logistics Center started operations.

With a MX $200M investment, this new facility means 25 new direct and 120 indirect jobs that add up to the 150 direct and 600 indirect jobs that the company already has in other operations. It's located in a 142,000 space in its first stage. With a total 53,000 it includes a 10,200 covered warehouse and yard with capacity for storage of 3,000 TEUs. Additional services provided include stuffing and stripping, project cargo, full/empty container deposit, transfer, packaging, labeling, among others.

This facility becomes part of the diverse infrastructure of the company in different locations in the Port of Altamira, in the Port of Progreso in Yucatan and in Nuevo Leon State. All these make up for 750,000 of operating facilities, including over 45,000 of covered storage.

In ALPASA we are committed to offer solutions to the port's users, developing newinfrastructure and the creation of new job for the people of Altamira.


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